Coeur du Cheval

Welcome to - the internet home to Coeur du Cheval Arabians of Vashon Island, Washington. Our farm is named to honor the great "Heart of the Horse."

We love the many outstanding qualities of the Arabian horse. The most casual observer can see the Arabian horse’s exquisite beauty and gracefulness, but those who know them understand that they possess even more precious qualities. It is in the nature of the Arabian horse to be kind, intelligent, sensitive to their environment and the moods of others, forgiving of innocent transgressions, and steadfastly loyal to the humans they love. Illustrative of this loyalty is the Bedouin legend of the mare who returned home slowly and carefully, so that her master’s lifeless body would not fall from her back.

Closeness to the Arabian horse can inspire these same qualities in human-beings. To those who love the Arabian horse, it is not surprising that many Poles risked their own lives to save Arabian horses from bombing during World War II. Nor is it surprising that a Bedouin warrior, fallen in battle and near death, would spend his last seconds describing to his enemy the merits and lineage of his war mare.

We invite you to browse through our treasures and enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the Arabian horse. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.